About Peqod

Peqod is an unofficial directory of classes for Columbia University in the city of New York. We crawl the official catalog, enrich it with useful information, and present it in a subjectively better, more useful form.

The project aims to help students plan their curriculum, explore the catalog, and find related links (e.g. instructor reviews, Wikipedia pages, etc). A secondary goal is to provide an open-source platform for experimenting with the catalog. The website is based on the data from columbia-catalog-data available in JSON and CSV formats. Everyone can download the data in a convenient format and play with it using their favorite data analysis tool (even Excel). The results can make an interesting Reddit post or just help the author in their goals. Another possibility is to contribute to the source code of this website, so other students can use it too.


  • Useful links on instructor pages (e.g. Wikipedia links, Google Scholar, etc).
  • A list of recent updates in the catalog of classes.
  • An archive of Columbia University schedule for many years.
  • Yet another CULPA mirror for reading reviews while original CULPA remains down.


We do not track our users, and we do not use HTTP cookies for tracking. Some HTTP cookies are used for saving browser preferences – for example, the default department in the search of classes is stored in user's browser and not used for any data analysis.


Please use Github issues for asking questions and reporting bugs.

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